What’s new? A lot! While awaiting  Competition Jury Panel verdict we have produced a documentary film telling the story of Mt Kosciuszko conquer  in the middle of the ski season by a wonderful team from Cracow: the President of The Kosciuszko Mound Museum, prof. Mieczysław Rokosz, Mr Leszek Cierpiałowski – Director of the Kosciuszko Mound and Mrs Anna Fischer-Rokosz who  documented as much as she could on her photo camera as well as  mobile video. The premiere of the film is  scheduled for tomorrow (27th August 2017) while you can watch the trailer just now, just here as you click on the link.   Link to the Trailer – click here

And our competition has been just closed. We are grateful to all those who have taken part in it. We have received nearly 400 entries. If you want to know more – read the story below.

Read the story in English – here.

…and the Competition summary in Polish.


July 23rd, 2017.  MOUND TO MOUNT EXPEDITION. A delegation from Cracow has left an hour ago to Jindabyne.  Head of delegation,  Chairman of the Kosciuszko Mound Committee, Prof. Mieczyslaw Rokosz with wife Anna and Les Cierpialowski, Director of the Kosciuszko Mound Bureau are to conquer Mt Kosciuszko on skis  tomorrow, or after tomorrow, weather permitting.  The delegation arrived last Wednesday (July 19th). Kosciuszko Heritage had hosted the guests on Thursday.  Read about it:  Reportaż po polsku. The story in Polish.  That day we have been presented with a new  Kosciuszko Bicentenary Medal designed by Prof. Czeslaw Dzwigaj.  A day later prof. Rokosz has delivered a speech at the Polish Consulate in Sydney.   Photo gallery: Prof. Rokosz at the Polish Consulate.  

One of the participants, poet Marek Baterowicz has given his account of the Consulate event.  If you can read in Polish, go ahead.  Reportaż Marka Baterowicza.

While we are waiting for  the photos and the report from the Polish School in Randwick (another meeting there), we can invite you to view a gallery of photos taken yesterday in the Polonia Sports Club in Plumpton.  Miło, domowo i swojsko w Plumpton. View photos.


And today our guests, after a Mass in the Polish Church in Marayong, have left for Jindabyne. What for?


For Mount Kosciuszko to be Reconnected.  I’ll have you know that it won’t be long now, but Mt Kosciuszko is going to be reconnected! Reconnected you may well ask? How? When? Why? When, that’s easy; in July and October! Few people know that approximately 190 years ago, one of the world’s great humanitarians and explorers, Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki, visited a symbolic tomb in Krakow to a man who at that time had, in the words of Byron, Coleridge, Campbell and Keats, transitioned into a legendary world champion of liberty, equality, honour and integrity; his name: Thaddeus Kosciuszko. Or, in the words of Lord Byron “the sound that crashes into a tyrant’s ear . . . . .  Kosciuszko . . . . Kosciuszko”.  In 1840, that explorer and friend of indigenous people, while researching the geology, mineralogy and geography of New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, on his southern expedition, climbed and named Australia’s highest summit. Knowing that he was in a land of liberty, amongst people who cherished their liberty, and witnessing the similarity between the man-made mound in Krakow, built in honour of a world champion of liberty, Strzelecki made the logical connection and named the summit Mount Kosciuszko.

Tomorrow, in honour of the UNESCO sanctioned Bicentennial of Kosciuszko’s passing, Mount Kosciuszko and the Kosciuszko Mound in Cracow will be connected again by the visit of an official delegation, led by Professor Mieczyslaw Rokosz, who for the past 23 years has been the director of the Mound and its associated Museum. After climbing the summit Professor Rokosz, accompanied by professional guides and camera crew, will celebrate the event by skiing down the Mountain slopes.


Professor Rokosz, (pronounced Rokosh) is the author of many books, one of them being The History of Ancient Wawel Castle, and its famous towers and even more famous bells. The oldest one, the 12 tonne Sigismund Bell, was installed in 1520! It is tolled only on very special historic occasions, and it will be tolled on 15th October, on the occasion of Kosciuszko’s Bicentennial. It takes 12 tollers to ring the giant; and I am proud to say that professor Rokosz is well known in Cracow as one of the few great bell tollers!

Good News!!! In October, Mount Kosciuszko and the Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow will be reconnected yet again but in the reverse direction!!! In honour of the UNESCO sanctioned Bicentennial of Kosciuszko’s passing, an Australian delegation, including indigenous people will be visiting the Kosciuszko Mound and associated Museum in Cracow to participate in celebration of the legendary champion of liberty and equality: Kosciuszko.

OUR COMPETITION International Kosciuszko Bicentenary Competition will end in a few days.  We have received so many wonderful entries:   songs and graphics and poems and short stories including  a poem written in Polish by a Japanese lady (received only today). How come the Japanese write in Polish?? We hope to learn soon…

The results will be announced on October 3rd during a great gala in Sydney. 


February 27th, 2017. Thanks to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ) The International Kosciuszko Bicentenary Competition is being promoted through the diplomatic channels. In a few days an information about the competition was published by Polish diplomatic missions in Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Chile, Vietnam, Brasilia, Luxemburg, Serbia, China as well as Polish Institutes in Berlin and St Petersburg. We are very grateful. Thanks a lot!

January 14th, 2017. A CD  “Tribute to Thaddeus Kosciuszko” has just been published by Chet Schafer’s Chicago Records comprising of 14 tracks of  the archival and contemporary recordings: Kosciuszko’s own compositions,  an aria from a musical “Polonaise” in which famous Jan Kiepura played the role of T. Kosciuszko.  Some recordings have been contributed by Kosciuszko Heritage Inc.

You can listen to all the songs here

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