On  4th February 2017, Kosciuszko’s birthday, an International Kosciuszko Bicentenary Competition has been announced in 3 categories: Music-Graphics-Literature. Will you take part?  The competition wiii cloe on July 31st 2017.



The Kosciuszko Foundation – New York

The Kosciuszko Mound in Cracow

Polska Fundacja Kościuszkowska- Warsaw

Museum in Wroclaw: Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice

Kosciuszko Muzeum in Mereczowszczyzna

Polish-Australian Community Portal  PULS POLONII – with many articles in English

Kosciuszko’s Compositions – see a list of performances (below)

 This link leads you to over 20 other links

Inauguration of the Kosciuszko Year – on Mt Kosciuszko and in Sydney- see 2 links:

Polish Ambassador on Mt Kosciuszko– 26th November 2016

Inauguration in Sydney. Historic Ngarigo Show, listen to audio file

Visiting NSW Minister for Multiculturalism – 9th December 2016

We were accompanied by our Consul General – see the photos

A gift from Wrocław/Panorama Racławicka – a unique Calendar

Kosciuszko Calendar see images and read the story in English

Our film about Kosciuszko – the script of English version is  one click away:

the script available here

Recommended Bibliography: 

Read Niemcewicz’s Prison Notes – here