And so after 6 months  our Competition has closed having yielded nearly 400 entries from about 20 countries. Please read about the  outcome.

A summary of the Competition in English – here.

And in Polish here.

polanieckicompetitionKosciuszko can make YOU famous – hurry up to enter the Competition!  
And so the great moment has arrived. On the 4th of February 2017, just after midnight AEST we are finally announcing the International Kosciuszko Bicentenary Competition.  Music,  Fine Arts & Poetry Competition – Tribute to a Friend of HumanityA wonderful opportunity for Lovers of Liberty and Equal Rights to participate in the 2017 Australian Celebrations of the Polish Parliament Proclaimed and UNESCO sanctioned “KOSCIUSZKO BICENTENNIAL”, honouring the 200th Anniversary of Thaddeus Kosciuszko’s passing. More than $10,000 in prize money on offer! The competition is divided into two age categories: adults & High School students (aged 12-18). The jury panel is chaired by prof. Alex Storożynski closely associated  with the New York based Kosciuszko Foundation. The competition  will close on the 31 July ; results will be declared  in  on 3rd October during a gala in Sydney.  All  details about the competition, awards, jury panel, aims of the competition etc. are to be found in the Competition Guidelines.


and  here is the DOCX document  Kosciuszko Competition ENTRY FORM

or Entry Form in PDF  ENTRY FORM – PDF

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Media about our competion – see how many media have announced our competition  and/or interviewed us.  the first links – updated Feb.6th.

SPECIALLY FOR YOU: A recommended Bibliography, suggested topics and links to competition “cribs” 

peasanrbookLet’s start now with some recommended books:

A must read (no 1) : Alex Storozynski, The Peasant Prince.Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of the Revolution, NY 2008 (also available in Polish – Książę chłopów)

Review of Storozynski’s “Peasant Prince”

                             FRIENDS OF LIBERTY by Gary NashA must read (no 2):  G.B.Nash & G.R.Gao Hodges,  Friends of Liberty: Thomas Jefferson, Tadeusz Kościuszko and Agrippa Hull,  NY 2008 (also available in Polish  – Przyjaciele wolności)

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20th December 2016. Today we start publishing Competition Background Materials. If you wish to enter competition and seek an inspiration to present Kosciuszko in his final years, why do not you dig into a story of a heroic action undertaken by old Kosciuszko to save French villagers from looting & violence of the Russian army? Click on the link below. moslkipomnikcugny

Kosciuszko’s heroic action in the village of Cugny  

On right: A monument to Kosciuszko in France, Ancienne chapelle  de Kosciusko. This symbolic tomb still stands at the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau, where it receives an annual tribute of flowers. Photo Felix Molski.

 Ancienne chapelle  as one of nearly 200 Kosciuszko monuments. A related link:

Kosciuszko Monuments Worldwide: Fontainebleau

 Recommended Bibliography: Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz –a secretary and a the true friend of Kosciuszko.  A poet, playwright and statesman, a leading advocate for the  famous Constitution of 3 May 1791. Just like Kosciuszko he graduated from the Warsaw Corps of Cadets. During the Kosciuszko Uprising Julian Ursyn and Thaddeus, both wounded, were  captured at Maciejowice and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress at St Petersburg. On the death of Catherine the Great  they were released by Tzar Paul I and via Finland, Sweden and England made their way together to the United States. They parted when Kosciuszko secretly left for France.

  captivitybookfront640wysNOTES ON MY CAPTIVITY IN RUSSIA available here

“Notes” (published in 2008) also available in …”Notes” (published in 2016) on …Another book by Niemcewicz “Under their vine and fig tree.Travels through America in 1797-99, 1805” is available on the internet limited search – try here

All books by J.U. Niemcewicz (in Polish, in English, French, German) easily available All publications listed here

To have a full view of life in Russia during Kościuszko’s and Niemcewicz’s captivity, read a rare book  available online

The Life of Catharine II Empress of Russia  published  in London in 1799.

Seeking an inspiration? Writing a poem about Kosciuszko?

Other poets’ verses – have a read 

BUILDING KOSCIUSZKO ICONOGRAPHY TOGETHER. YOU CAN HELP….AND BECOME FAMOUS.  Are there more monuments to Kosciuszko, or more portraits of Kosciuszko? For those who intend to enter our competition we have gathered some Kosciuszko images in a photo gallery, in a chronological order.  See the variety of styles throughout the ages.  See the contemporary works emanating love and admiration.  Yes, we can speak of a multitude of Kosciuszko’s portraits and paintings but still there are big gaps in the iconography. Many episodes of his life have been yet visually undocumented. So have a look and think how you can fill in a gap. Enter the photogallery and view the images.


While the other  Kosciuszko iconography photogallery is being built, have a read of some  interesting scientific articles by the leading Kosciuszko experts, Prof. James Pula and colonel Francis C. Kajencki (both of course of Polish origin). Here’s the link. Kosciuszko -Military engineer – Study in depth

Kosciuszko’s Compositions. See a list of different performancesOver 20 links within one link – here.

THE FIRST PAST THE FINISH LINE – we have received two  entries  (Graphics and Literature) less than a day after the competition was  announced. Congratulations!  Link to the “First Past the Finish Line” Award  Waiting  for  the very first  song or a composition now.

KOSCIUSZKO HOTELS in Australia. Americans have Kosciusko Town in Mississipi. Australians have Mount Kosciuszko in the Snowy Mountains plus two hotels named after Kosciuszko. One hotel, in Charlotte Pass, exists till today. The other one, closer to Mt K, built in 1909, was burnt down in 1951, and rebuilt under a new name, Sonar’s Inn. Here is the description of the old Kosciusko Hotel as it was in 1928. Nice story. A Walk through the old Kosciusko Hotel

hotelk-latem-wolnecopyrightsca1900            kosciuszkochmurkaxavzeltner640szer

 On right: Kosciuszko 2 months before his death. Portrait by Xavier  Zeltner. “KOSCIUSZKO’S HEART THROBBED FOR THE WHOLE WORLD”- but was he a believer?  Looking into his soul. Read the story and listen to his Prayer.


KOSCIUSZKO’S GARDEN. Back to America. This is where he pondered, reminiscened, reflected, indulged in sweet memories. This is his very special place. Place of serenity. Rocky garden over the Hudson River. Read it. Get inspired. You are in His garden.  But there is some more stories … in Polish. Piękna opowieść o ogrodzie Kościuszki.  Hear the fountain bubbling? Ready to write a song?


W niewoli Carskiej-bawiacy carskie dzieciOrganizers of the competition do hope to receive some caricatures as well. Get inspired by an image of Kosciuszko in Russian prison nursing imperial babies. This was painted some years ago by an outstanding Polish painter/graphic artist, Piotr Szalkowski.

Another Great Story to Inspire Competition Entrants: KOSCIUSZKO’S TUNNEL EXCAVATION

In 2014,  the National Park Service, together with archaeologists, University of South Florida tunnelInsideresearchers and the Greenwood Fire Department, began excavating the 40-metre-long, one-metre-high Kosciuszko mine, using advanced mapping and photographic technology to create 3D models of the only surviving military tunnel from the American Revolution. This remnant of Kosciuszko’s military engineering skills can now be seen at Ninety Six National Historic Site.  Read all about it

Have you ever heard of Kosciuszko’s faithful servant Agrippa? Many authors wrote about him inc. Storozynski & Kajencki.

Party in a log cabin – a funny story about Kosciuszko’s servant throwing a party while the boss is away; an excerpt from  Alex Storozynski’s book  “The Peasant Prince”.

The story of Agrippa Hull   The story of Kosciuszko’s servant Agrippa Hull – an excerpt from  F.C. Kajencki’s book “Thaddeus Kosciuszko. Military Engineer of the American Revolution”.